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She plays a video game designer who keeps dying after her 36th birthday party, then resurrecting in the same spot earlier in the same evening. Both alumnae of Man Seeking Woman , Erskine and Konkle will get a chance to shine in this episode Hulu comedy produced by the Lonely Island team, suffering through crushes, cliques, chat rooms and leg-shaving as a lovable pair of all-American rejects.

The cast includes Ellen Page, Mary J. You will notice precious few shows, new or old, from the traditional broadcast networks on this list. If there was any question who was the driving creative force on the series, the new episodes should handily put it to rest. Aidy Bryant has been poised for a while to be the next SNL regular to break out. Elba himself created with Gary Reich and executive-produced the eight-episode Netflix comedy, also starring Piper Perabo.

And Oh landed both an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe statuette for her work.

What will this group do for an encore? What do you get when the creative teams of Hamilton and The Americans join forces?

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Not a hip-hop Cold War spy thriller, but a star-studded miniseries about the decades-spanning collaboration professional and romantic between director and choreographer Bob Fosse Sam Rockwell and Broadway dance legend Gwen Verdon Michelle Williams. Weiss will present a conclusion to George R. Will the Night King overrun Westeros? Let the spectacle β€” and endless debates β€” begin.

Bill Hader is back as Barry , the angst-ridden hitman who decides he wants to turn over a new leaf, end his life of crime and take acting classes in L. Hader was superbly dark and poignant the first time around, in the role of his life so far. Also returning: his acting teacher Henry Winkler, who keeps the Fonzarellissance going.

The end of Veep? How are we supposed to function without Jonah, a. But count on Louis-Dreyfus and her crew to rise to the occasion. The Eighties kiddie sci-fi caper seemed like a delightful one-off at first, yet the second season lived up to it, with Millie Bobby Brown expanding her role as Eleven, the alien girl who fell to earth. Season Three returns to the kids of Hawkins, Indiana, in the summer of Winona Ryder who at this point in the timeline is about to see herself onscreen in Lucas is joined by Cary Elwes and a couple of celebrity legacies, Jake Busey and Maya Thurman-Hawke.

And we already know there will be a Fletch -themed episode , so order up a Bloody Mary and a steak sandwich. The new season with new input from Moriarty gets the gang back together β€” the first peek reveals them in a police lineup, suggesting Big Little Lies might pick up right where the Season One cliffhanger left us. It will be a relief to have it back. When DNA evidence overturned their convictions years later, a tale of corrupt policing, reckless journalism and insidious racism was exposed. Micron said on Thursday that sales to Huawei "were down meaningfully from the levels we anticipated" before the trade war with China.

Friday, but it's too delicate to recommend. Japan Airlines has introduced a new feature on its booking system to tell passengers where young children will be seated during their flight. Global entertainment, sports and content company Endeavor Group Holdings abandoned its IPO plans Thursday due to weak stock market demand.

Amid regional tensions, China is quickly becoming a major arms dealer, supplementing its existing position as a top defense spender. The impeachment inquiry of U. A book that pushes the conspiracy theory Qanon climbed within the top 75 of all books sold on Amazon in recent days, pushed by Amazon's algorithmically generated recommendations page. The book claims without evidence a variety of outlandish claims including that prominent Democrats murder and eat children and that the U.

The Qanon conspiracy theory moved from fringe parts of the internet in to achieve national prominence thanks to supporters of President Donald Trump who wore clothes and held signs referencing "Q" at political rallies. Adherents of the Qanon conspiracy theory falsely believe that the world is run by a Satanic cabal helmed by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and that President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are secretly working in tandem to eliminate the cabal.

Amazon declined to answer questions about the book's placement in the algorithmic recommendations carousels, including about whether the book might have been recommended to users on other sections of the site. At several points last weekend, the book was a spot behind Dr.

Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" on the Top The book posits that Monsters Inc. Conspiracy theory researcher Mike Rothschild told NBC News that "An Invitation to the Great Awakening" is a new way for those pushing the Qanon conspiracy theory to make cash, since recent changes to YouTube's algorithm have made it harder for conspiracy theorists to find new followers and cash in on true believers. So if it gets a huge spike of sales just as it's released, it'll shoot up Amazon's lists and get in front of more people, even if those initial sales make up the bulk of who pays for it.

The book currently averages five stars on Amazon, as conspiracy theorists on YouTube and Twitter have told their fans to buy the book and leave reviews. While Amazon hosts a wide variety of books that trade in conspiracy theories and extremist views, the company faces a challenge in preventing groups from gaming its recommendation algorithm.

Jason Kint, CEO of the trade association Digital Content Next, said the lack of oversight on Amazon's recommendations algorithms, along with manipulation campaigns from conspiracy theorists, could create a dangerous cocktail for an average consumer looking for a new book to read on Amazon.

The internet has been a hotbed for conspiracy theories since its earliest days, but Qanon has become the focus of growing concern due to instances of violence from some of its believers. Don't drop them, don't leave them on the side of the road, and definitely don't drive with them.

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Or else you give ammunition to the people in power looking to "clean up" this city and make it as watered-down as the drink you just paid too much for. Even in a town of flamboyant personalities, the fundamentalists who hang out on Bourbon Street warning passers-by of eternal hellfire are standouts.

Offended listeners often take the bait and get into heated discussions that only confirm both sides' views of one another. Don't look at 'em, don't photo 'em, don't harangue 'em. Do let 'em go ahead and pray for your soul. In this town, you really will need it.


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Pickpockets thrive amid the sensory overload here. Anything in your back pocket is liable to fall out during festivities, or get snatched by some nimble-handed sneak. Your front pocket or your jacket will serve you better.


Stay out late drinking, by all means, but consider that a hangover is nothing compared with waking up without your wallet, so explore the wee hours of the morning with at least one other person by your side. Walking alone down a dimly lit Dauphine Street is an open invitation to -- well, better not to fret, just be smart and safe, y'know? More than 1, Louisianans died in Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest natural disaster in American history, and you're naturally curious about that. Still, keep your roll nice and slow. You don't want to force people into being, as one longtime resident put it , "some trauma Google.

Or it won't, because the person who lived it isn't feeling the conversation on that particular topic. Which you should feel comfortable respecting. Endymion is often the biggest, largest attended Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. People camp out to stake spots literally days in advance, and God help you if you encroach.

Last year friends and I tried to casually walk up to see a couple of floats, and were immediately accused of stealing the view and beads. Don't take it personally, though. In a town with literally dozens of parades that week, many smaller parades are a better option. Uber and Lyft are almost always cheaper, quicker, and more reliable.

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Before those companies came to town, it was nigh impossible to call for a taxi ahead of time, and almost as hard to hail one streetside -- doubly so during events and holidays. Once, close to Mardi Gras, a friend and I held our hands out for an hour and a half trying to get a cab. The one that finally stopped said he'd take us, but only if we overpaid him a huge, flat fee -- and let him pick up other passengers along the way. He drove off without even saying a word. It's what makes it onto all the postcards for obvious reasons, but there's so much more to New Orleans.

You wouldn't go to New York and stay only in Times Square, right? Quality food, music, and venues abound in this city. In fact, here's a whole set of things to do that get you out of the Quarter. Airbnb rentals are attractive here: cheap, ready alternatives to the suburbs' shabby two-star motels and Downtown's overpriced high-rises. But the city has really struggled to regulate them. Often Airbnb owners don't even live in the state.