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We call the length of time it takes to go around the Sun a year, but to make life easier, most years have days and every 4th year has days. We call a year with days a leap year.

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The extra day is February 29th. This force is called gravity and the first man to discover that it existed was Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century. Earth is the only planet on which we know that there have been plants and animals living. On some planets there is no air to breathe and on others it is either too hot or too cold. Some scientists think that creatures may have lived on Mars millions of years ago, when Mars was warmer and had more air — they try to find evidence to show this is true.

Until , people thought that there were nine planets in the Solar System.


The ninth planet was Pluto and it is even further away from the Sun than Neptune. Astronomers decided that Pluto was too small to be called a planet, so now there are only eight planets. The Sun is a star, a huge ball of very hot gas. The Sun is about 4. There are more than billion stars in the Milky Way and there are many different types of star. Scientists group stars together by how big they are and how bright they are. Some examples are red dwarfs and supergiants. A red dwarf is a star about half the size of the Sun and a lot less bright than the Sun.

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  • Very eccentric;
  • A supergiant star is about 70 times as big as the Sun and can be , times as bright. The nearest star to the Earth after the Sun is Proxima Centuri. It is red dwarf that is smaller and colder than our Sun and gives off a lot less light. Even though it is the closest star outside the Solar System, the light from it is too faint to see except with a telescope. Proxima Centuri is 24 trillion miles from Earth and light from it takes four years and three months to reach Earth.

    Mercury — this is the closest planet to the Sun. It is the smallest planet and is made of rock. It is so close to the Sun that it only takes 88 days for it to complete its orbit and is much hotter than Earth. Venus — Venus is the next planet from the Sun after Mercury. It is also made of rock. It is about the same size as Earth. It takes days to travel around the Sun. Earth — This is where we live! Earth is made of rock and is the only planet where water is liquid.

    The other planets are either too hot or too cold. Earth takes days to travel around the Sun.

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    Mars — Mars is a little smaller than Earth, but a lot further out. Jupiter — Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. You could fit 1, Earths inside Jupiter. Jupiter has 66 moons; one of them, Ganymede, is bigger than Mercury. The story was first published in the Argentine journal Sur , May The "postscript" dated is intended to be anachronistic , set seven years in the future.

    The first English-language translation of the story was published in Relatively long for Borges approximately 5, words , the story is a work of speculative fiction. The story alludes to many leading intellectual figures both in Argentina and in the world at large, and takes up a number of themes more typical of a novel of ideas. Most of the ideas engaged are in the areas of metaphysics , language , epistemology , and literary criticism. The story unfolds as a first-person narrative and contains many references see below to real people, places, literary works and philosophical concepts, besides some fictional or ambiguous ones.

    It is divided into two parts and a postscript.

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    Events and facts are revealed roughly in the order that the narrator becomes aware of them or their relevance. The timing of events in Borges's story is approximately from to ; the plot concerns events going back as far as the early 17th century and culminating in the postscript, set in Borges and his friend and collaborator, Adolfo Bioy Casares , are developing their next book in a country house near Buenos Aires , in In an observation, Bioy quotes that "mirrors and copulation are abominable because they increase the number of men" from a heresiarch of a land named Uqbar.

    Borges, impressed with the "memorable" sentence, asks for its source. They check the book and are unable to find the said chapter, to Bioy's surprise. The following day, Bioy tells Borges he has found the chapter they were looking for in a different reprint of the same encyclopedia. The chapter, although brief and full of names unfamiliar to Borges and Bioy, entices their curiosity.

    The engineer Herbert Ashe, an English friend of Borges' father with a peculiar interest in duodecimal , dies of an aneurysm rupture. Borges inherits a packet containing a book, which was left by Ashe in a pub. The book contains two oval blue stamps with the words Orbis Tertius inscribed in blue. Their world is understood "not as a concurrence of objects in space, but as a heterogeneous series of independent acts.

    In a world where there are no nouns—or where nouns are composites of other parts of speech, created and discarded according to a whim—and no things , most of Western philosophy becomes impossible. Without nouns about which to state propositions, there can be no a priori deductive reasoning from first principles.

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    • Without history, there can be no teleology showing a divine purpose playing itself out in the world. If there can be no such thing as observing the same object at different times, [3] there is no possibility of a posteriori inductive reasoning generalizing from experience. Ontology —the philosophy of what it means to be —is an alien concept. This infinitely mutable world is tempting to a playful intellect, and its "transparent tigers and In the anachronistic postscript set in , Borges remembers events that occurred in the last years.

      It goes that a "benevolent secret society" was formed "one night in Lucerne or in London", in the 17th century, and had Berkeley among its members. That group, a society of intellectuals named Orbis Tertius , studied " hermetic studies , philanthropy and the cabala " an allusion to societies such as the Bavarian Illuminati , the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians , but its main purpose was to create a country: Uqbar. It gradually became clear that such work would have to be carried by numerous generations, so each master agreed to elect a disciple who would carry on his work to perpetuate an hereditary arrangement.

      The society is eventually persecuted , but reemerges in the United States in the following century. The American "eccentric" millionaire Ezra Buckley, one of the members of the restored sect, finds its undertaking too modest, proposing that their creation be of an entire world instead of just a country.


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      Another instance is witnessed by Borges himself: a drunk man, shortly after dying, dropped coins among which a small but extremely heavy shining metal cone appeared. It is suggested that these occurrences may have been forgeries, but yet products of a secret science and technology. The material becomes accessible worldwide and immensely influential on Earth's culture, science and languages.

      Through the vehicle of fantasy or speculative fiction , this story playfully explores several philosophical questions and themes. The story also contains several metaphors for the way ideas influence reality.

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      Much of the story engages with the philosophical idealism of George Berkeley, who questioned whether it is possible to say that a thing exists if it is not being perceived. Berkeley, a philosopher and, later, a bishop in the Protestant Church of Ireland, resolved that question to his own satisfaction by saying that the omnipresent perception of God ensures that objects continue to exist outside of personal or human perception. Hand-held infants must ride in a chariot.

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