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Creating Effective Performance Assessment

Assessment of thinking skills is an essential component of documenting student learning. Many colleges and universities prioritize critical thinking student learning outcomes because they recognize that building critical thinking skills and mindset is key to student success.

Assessment matters: What is assessment?

High quality validated group data like that reported by Insight Assessment test instruments is widely used for admissions, accreditation, curriculum evaluation and to improve student retention and success. More specifically, what can motivate students to give their best on the critical thinking learning outcome assessment? Many Insight Assessment clients offer printable individual reports to students after the testing is completed.

Most people will make a greater effort on an assessment if they believe the result has personal relevance and might be useful to them. They will be motivated to co-operate with teachers and participate equally in the classroom. This collaboration allows students to further hone their evaluating and critical thinking skills, especially in classroom discussions. In time, students who are involved and driven thinkers will naturally become lifelong learners who take responsibility for their own learning. Assessment literacy gets at the heart of education — it can be more than just instructing and testing.

For both the teacher and the student, it is about a continual process of growth.

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Teachers who are assessment literate will be able to provide transformational opportunities for their students. It is about enriching learning environments, not just about using assessment tools. Being assessment literate helps teachers learn how to be better teachers who can then encourage students learn how to be better learners — for life.

Reference National Institute of Education. A teacher education model for the 21st century. Singapore: Author. Transition is the process in which an individual encounters a move into a new environment …. For a positive transition to occur, it is important that the child receives proper support ….

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A print version is also published by the National Institute of Education and supported by Marshall Cavendish Education. Follow Us:. Assessment Literacy Makes for Better Learning.

Why Assessment Matters: A Look at the Thinking Behind Testing

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